We are threefold prizewinners of the "Business Gazelle" in years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 for the most dynamically developing Industries.
A new laser from BYSTRONIC/ A new BYSTRONIC laser :

Our company has purchased a BySprint Fiber 4020 laser with a Fiber 4000 power generating unit from BYSTRONIC. The laser has an automatically adjustable table with a length of 4000mm and a width of 2000mm. The Fiber 4000 power generating unit has a capacity of 4000W and allows for cutting sheet metal up to 20mm thick at a positioning speed of 140m / min.

CERTIFICATES: EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090.

Since 1 July 2015, our company has been in possession of two quality certificates EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090.

EN ISO 3834 -2 is the standard for the full range of metal welding requirements for a wide variety of applications: from home furnishings, through means of transportation, to complex metal structures.

EN 1090 standard requires all manufacturers of steel and aluminum structures wishing to place their product on the European Union market to mark their products with the CE mark. The basis for the CE marking is an implemented and certified Factory Production Control system. This ensured, it is necessary to ascertain the compliance of the manufactured product with the requirements of EN 1090 standard.

New plasma cutting machine of ECKERT company, type JANTAR-2:

Our company has purchased a new digital control plasma cutting machine - JANTAR 2 manufactured by ECKERT. The cutting machine is equipped with a 1500 mm wide and 6000 mm long worktable and HPR 130AXD (130A) plasma unit that allows cutting soft steel up to 38 mm with the maximum speed of 25 m/min. CNC positioning accuracy is 0.005 mm.

New press brake tool of DURMA company, type AD-R 1260:

We have purchased a new hydraulic press brake type AD-R 1260 manufactured by DURMA. The maximum length of bended elements is 1250 mm and the maximum pressure is 60 tons. The�press offers repeatability of 0.002 mm and maximum angle of 179.9 degree.

New edge shaping mashine tool of DURMA company no. E30200:

The numerically controlled DNC 60 PS hydraulic edge shaping mashine tool of DURMA company no. E30200 have been bought. It allows bending of the metal sheet of 10mm thick and on the length of 3000mm. Maximum angle to gain is 179,9 degrees. Repetitiveness of the edge shaping mashine tool is 0,002mm. Maximum bending force - 200 tones.