AGROMET" Cooperative
in Chybie was established
in 1973.

We are a Polish company which manufactures steel structures and a wide range of the highest quality steel parts. Agromet offers welded, bent, laser- or plasma CNC-cut steel structures made according to the international standards. As a manufacturer of steel structures, we always focus on the highest quality of the materials used and careful workmanship of parts made which is guaranteed by the plant quality control.

Currently, our products are developed for the needs of the broadly conceived industry. Our main range of products includes steel structures for exchangeable floor frames of truck containers and subassemblies, steel structures of buildings, OEM production, support for the manufacturers, laser and plasma sheet metal processing as well as tailored or piece production of steel parts. We have production floors with the total area of 6,000 m2. We are ready to accept new challenges and we are committed to the continuous development of our company an example of which is the newly constructed production building erected in 2018.

We boast rich and modern machinery, highly qualified staff of engineers and technicians and experienced personnel to implement virtually any project.

Our company employs about 100 qualified professionals of various profiles. We have been running our business based on ISO system supported with EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 quality certificates since 2015. We collaborate with a number of partners and perform the orders either in full scope or to the extent agreed with the customer.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!
Our partners:
• WECON GmbH Germany
• WESOB Sp. z o.o. Strumień
• PROTECH Sp. z o.o. Zator
• STRUMET Sp. z o.o. Strumień


Our portfolio of products which are present in the Polish, European and global markets includes

  • BDF container systems / subassemblies

  • Container floor frames / substructures / subassemblies

  • roll-off containers / marine containers / scrap and waste containers

  • Trailers for container manoeuvring

  • Transport and warehouse containers

  • OEM production, support for manufacturers

  • Structures of buildings, roofing, terraces

  • Laser or plasma sheet metal processing

  • Individual and piece production of steel parts